03 April 2011


One of comment in chedet blog topic PROTECTIONISM

I just returned from Bahrain. I had been staying there for two and a half years, during which I bought and used an imported car. As the cost of petrol is very cheap over there(~RM0.60/l), the car I used had quite a big engine (3.7 l). Had I bought this car in malaysia, it would have been 3 times the price i bought in bahrain. Petrol in malaysia is also 3 times the price in bahrain. Over there, this car is seen as a family car. Mothers drive their children to school and soccer practice in this car. But in malaysia it is seen as an exclusive luxury car. It is a luxury car because i've seen people sit proudly on the passenger seat while being driven around by their chauffeurs.

There was a proton showroom in bahrain. They sell waja and gen2 models, both at the same price. The price was even cheaper than the family car that I had. It was 45 thousand bahraini dinars (this roughly translates to RM36 thousand). Nearly half the price that proton is selling the same models to the malaysians in their own country. But i discovered this a little too late as my contract has already ended and i was about to leave bahrain. If i had more time i would have bought a brand new proton in bahrain and bring it back to malaysia (tax free for returning malaysian expats). I could have then sold it back to the malaysians in malaysia at a handsome profit.

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